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Website Frequently Asked Questions

What is a website?

A website is a site, where information on a particular subject can be found, on the world wide web.

This site has an address, or domain, that points to where the website is hosted.

How will my business benefit from having a website?

With a website, your business is available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever the user wants.  This information is not restricted by time/size limits, publication deadlines etc etc.

Anybody that wants a product that you sell is a potential customer of yours, it makes sense to put information about your products in front of them.

OK, I need a website, what do I do next?

Every business will have it's own unique requirements, and it's own way of doing business.  Contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss your requirements, and find the best solution for your business.

What is an 'open source' application

An 'open source' application is a program that can be downloaded, installed and configured as a stand-alone website.  'open source' means that the source code is available for customisation purposes, for individual commercial use, for free.  There is often a community of developers collaborating to add additional features to the product, or making changes to it to take advantage of new technologies, as they come to hand.

However, taking such an application, customising it and re-branding it, and then selling it as your own software is not allowed.

Some of these applications will have basic versions that are available free, but more advanced versions, typically called 'professional' or 'ultimate', that offer a lot more functionality out of the box, but you have to pay for it.

Typically, such applications have a 'powered by' link, that points to information about the original application, that must remain on the website.  Some, but not all, provide the option of removing these links - at a cost.

Why do we charge for installing applications that are available for free?

We believe in keeping your costs to a minimum, that is why we utilize freely available applications that provide functionality that you would otherwise pay for.  We believe that these applications, with a bit of minor customisation, will meet the requirements of most of our customers.

All we charge you for is our time to configure the application to meet your requirements.

We also believe in providing due acknowledgement to the original developers, hence we recommend that the 'powered by' links mentioned in the previous question remain on the website.

What is the difference between a Content Management System, Forum, Shopping Cart?

A Content Management System (or CMS for short) is a simple informational website where users can add/edit/delete pages, photos, audio and video, and make changes to the content of those pages, almost as if they were word documents.  Yet the look and feel of the website remains professional.  This website is an example of a CMS.

A Forum is a website that allows multiple users to engage in conversations about a particular subject - typically this would be the products that you sell or the services that you provide.  Some people may ask questions, you or others can then provide answers.  Some people may state opinions, that others can then respond to.

A Shopping Cart is a website that allows users to order and pay for products or services online.  The Warehouse, Dick Smith Electronics or Trade Me are 3 classic examples of shopping cart websites.

What applications do you recommend for quick and easy website setup, whilst keeping costs minimized?

We recommend MojoPortal as a basic content management system for a simple informational website, forum or blog. 

We recommend NopCommerce as a fully-featured online shopping cart, that is easy to set up and configure, with plenty of in-built customisation options, and the ability to use facebook accounts to register. 

Both MojoPortal and NopCommerce have some basic forum/blog functionality.  If you require both a forum and a shopping cart, we recommend using the NopCommerce forum as that will only require users to register once to use the forum and the shopping cart.  Most companies would probably use a Facebook page as their 'forum'.

Both MojoPortal and NopCommerce are customisable in terms of their look and feel - colour schemes, fonts, logos etc.

What e-commerce payment gateways do you recommend for your shopping carts?

At DDCS, We recommend using either Eway or Paypal as the shopping cart payment gateway.  Both are easy to set up with the NopCommerce shopping cart.

Eway is an Australian company, but can process payments by credit card directly into bank accounts held at ANZ, BNZ, Westpac or ASB.

Paypal is a US company that accepts payment by credit card into the business paypal account. Funds can then be manually transferred into any NZ bank account.

In both cases, payments can be accepted in New Zealand Dollars.

Credit card surcharges can be either absorbed, or passed on to the customer as an additional charge.

For shopping carts with low volume turnover, we recommend Paypal as they do not charge monthly fees.  Otherwise we recommend Eway for simple transfer of funds into the business bank account.

We can also set up the shopping cart to give the customer bank account details, if they want to do a manual bank transfer to avoid credit card surcharges.

How do I pay for your services?

At DDCS, our payment terms are 7 days, unless prior arrangements are made.

We accept payment by internet bank transfer or by credit card. We do not charge a surcharge for using a credit card. 

On completion, we will email you an invoice, which can then be paid as per above.  If you order from our store you can pay on the spot.