The on-line shops that we implement normally use the nopCommerce shopping cart application.

This gives us the following capabilities:

  • Allocation of products to Categories and Vendors.
  • Lots of options for paying for products - Cash on Delivery, Deposit into Bank Account or Credit Card via PayPal etc.
  • Lots of attribute options for each product - sizes, weights, colours etc.  You can also add in your own customised attributes, to suit the products you stock.
  • Shop registration via customers' facebook accounts.
  • Multiple languages/currencies are supported, with live updates of exchange rates and prices in foreign currencies.
  • Integration of the shop into your company facebook page, so customers can shop whilst on facebook.  A security (SSL) certificate is required for this.
  • A forum, blog and newsletter for public interaction with your customers - questions, answers, feedback, comments etc.  These can easily be switched off if not required.
  • Comprehensive automatic emails from the shop to vendors, shippers, customers etc, to keep track of what is going on.
  • A custom reporting application that I have developed, that keeps us informed about what is happening with each order.  This can be further customised to your requirements.
  • Unlike some other websites, no 'listing fees' or 'success fees' are charged on the sales you make, and your website is not obviously part of another bigger website.

Please click the link to the left (or above if on a phone/tablet) to go to the demo nopCommerce shop that we have set up.

The MojoPortal CMS application that we use for standard websites does come with a web store module as standard, but this is very basic, the functionality/display options are very limited, and is best used for very small amounts of simple products that don't have options like sizes/colours etc.

Please click the link to the left (or above if on a phone/tablet) to go to the demo MojoPortal donations store that we have set up.